Netflix: New PS3 app sucks!

I consider myself to be a cinephile.  I love movies.  And when I heard about Netflix a few years ago, I fell in love all over again.  And then they took my love affair a step further and gave us access to Netflix on our PS3’s; I could barely contain myself.  It was disc-based and very clunky, but a small price to pay to get my movies on the big screen.

Well, October of 2010 came around and with it a new Netflix app that did away with the disc and brought along a new, shiny interface.  And all was good.

Things have changes, ladies and gentlemen.  I don’t know who’s idea it was, but they need fired, STAT.  Earlier this month, Sony released an “update” to this perfectly fine app.  It’s horrible!  It’s all but useless.
I loved the “tabs” out to the left of the old interface.  You select what you want to go into and BAMPF!  It’s all right there.  Page upon page of Netflix-goodness.  You want to search for movies, there’s a page for that.  Wanna sort by genre… there’s a page for that.  Or how about just simply find a movie that’s in your instant que and watch it?  It’s all there, boys and girls.

With this latest abomination, however, you are forced to look at all tabs at the same time on one page.  That means there’s only enough room for one line of each tab.  And you scroll left and right on that one line.  What?  This decision was horrible.  I can’t say enough bad about this.  I can see how this new interface would work for those who have no more than 10 or so movies in there instant que; but for us movie lovers that have a couple hundred, it’s impossible to find movies that I want to view.

Come on Netflix!  Don’t let us down.  Fix this bad situation.  We’re rooting you on.  Let’s go!

But there is hope!

I just called Netflix customer support and stressed my endearment for this latest stint.  After my ranting, she finally got a change to speak, “According to my records, on February 21st (today), a new interface has been announced.  It will be going out for beta testing sometime today.”  How convenient.  I was ready to cancel my subscription.  lol

I will report more as I hear more.  If you all hear anything, be sure to let me know.



7 thoughts on “Netflix: New PS3 app sucks!

  1. PS3 Netflix App v2.02 just released
    A couple of days ago, Sony released an update to it’s Netflix app. It wasn’t, however, the update we were looking for. Looks like they just fixed some bugs. The interface is still the same.

    • And to top it all off, I still haven’t heard from support. When I called in, they told me that I could justwatch it on my computer. Yes, I could. Lol Horrid le customer support.

    • Nope… I’ve called once since, about 3 weeks ago. And they gave me the same speel, “The engineers are working on it.” And then, when I expressed my disdane, they offered me a month free.

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